GPR Software

MALA GPR Processing Software

MALA Vision:

An easy to use Desktop and cloud-based software to help you go as fast as possible from data collection to delivering results.

MALA Vision

Object Mapper 2018:

Your easy visualization tool for identifying and displaying objects in a large set of GPR Profiles. Picking GPR targets and generating a detailed map is as simple as clicking a mouse with Object Mapper.  Windows based Object Mapper displays up to ten GPR profiles at once allowing the user to pick targets from multiple profiles with a mouse.  The software eliminates the task of single profile interpretation which is time consuming and inefficient and thus very costly.  Picks are automatically posted and visualized on a user defined grid or coordinate system to generate a map in real time.  Objects that are linked versus isolated targets are readily identified.

Object Mapper

Ground Vision:

MALÅ Grond VisionTM software is a data acquisition software designed by MALÅ Geoscience dedicated to MALÅ GPR Systems in single or multi-channel mode. The software is available as MALÅ GroundVision and MALÅ Ground Vision 2.

Ground Vision

Roadway Mapper:

The MALÅ Roadway Mapper software includes features such as a GPS site map, visualization of the collected radar profile and corresponding location on the site map, and filtering of the radar data.

Roadway Mapper

GPR Mapping Software

GPR Mapping Software (Ground Penetrating Radar) Can Streamline Your Work

Ground Penetrating Radar is the non-intrusive method of detecting objects under the ground. With GPR Mapping software, data from the GPR can be transferred into an easy-to-understand map or uploaded for reporting purposes.

Why Trust GPR Solutions Limited Regarding GPR Processing Software

GPR Solutions Limited is the only provider of MALA GPR processing software in New Zealand. With us, you can be sure that:

  • Your GPR Data is safely processed into a workable, simple to use format.
  • Experience utilising the software for our own surveys and training purposes.
  • Quality and secure software ensure final maps and data that are straightforward to understand.
  • It is important select the correct post-processing software based on the type of survey being undertaken. Some software packages are designed more for utility detection purposes such as MALA Object Mapper, allowing utilities to be plotted and overlaid into google earth maps or uploaded in a CAD format. Other software is geared more towards geophysical surveys such as MALA RAD Explorer which is a powerful, easy-to-learn tool that provides impressive data processing capabilities in a user-friendly package.

If you are a GPR hardware provider or part of a business which uses GPR, our product is an invaluable tool in turning hard data into easily readable information for your clients. We also provide equipment rental, equipment servicing, consultancy services and equipment training.




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