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GPR Solutions in conjunction with MALA GPR Australia has access to the largest Ground Penetrating Radar instrument rental pool in the Southern Hemisphere along with additional locating instrumentation. If your project requires a system not listed below please contact us directly to discuss.

MALA CX12 GPR Concrete Scanner

Construction professionals involved in the cutting, coring or drilling of concrete structure require a safe and reliable means of inspecting work areas to locate and identify hidden features that could cause damage to machinery, or pose a danger to the operator or the structure itself during these activities.

The CX Concrete Scanning system allows you to scan concrete structure simply and safely and present data clearly for real-time and in-the-box data acquisition, display and analysis. It is a quicker, safer and more cost effective option than competing systems or traditional radiographic testing methods and is available with a range of accessories.

Applications: Identify – Reinforcing positioning, Reinforcement numbers, Post-tension cables, Slab thickness, Voiding within or below concrete, In-slab conduits, Ground beam / footing locations, Suspended slab band beam locations, Concrete cover, Existing floor chases, Hollow core ducts, As-built verification.

MALA Easy Locator Core

The world´s first intelligent Ground penetrating radar (GPR) solution.

MALÅ Easy Locator Core is the state of the art, intelligent ground penetrating radar solution for utility locating professionals. MALÅ Easy Locator Core includes the best data quality on the market, real-time interpretation support through MALÅ AI; wireless data collection using mobile devices; cloud storage, post-processing and on-site reporting using MALÅ Vision.

Available with either a Rough Terrain Cart or small wheeled configuration.

Applications: The Easy Locator Core is suitable for the location of subsurface services such as cables, pvc pipes, underground storage tanks (UST’s), concrete sewer and stormwater pipes.

MALA Easy Locator PRO HDR (High Dynamic Range)

The Easy Locator-series is the easy-to-use choice for the detection and locating of buried objects such as pipes, cables and other utilities. MALÅ Easy Locator (EL) Pro is the third generation EL, especially designed for utility locating professionals.

The MALÅ EL Pro comes bundled with MALÅ Object Mapper and MALÅ GPS Mapper software and is also compatible with 3D software. With the capability of exporting data and its included post-processing software, MALÅ EL Pro is the professional choice for utility locating.

Applications: The Easy Locator is suitable for the location of subsurface services such as cables, pvc pipes, underground storage tanks (UST’s), concrete sewer and stormwater pipes.

MALA Easy Locator HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Just as the first MALÅ Easy Locator revolutionized the utility locating industry to become the industry benchmark for GPR utility location. The High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is the next generation in MALÅ GPR technology specifically optimized for utility location. MALÅ Easy Locator HDR is faster, easier to use, more accurate, higher resolution and offers significantly better depth penetration.

Applications: The Easy Locator is suitable for the location of subsurface services such as cables, pvc pipes, underground storage tanks (UST’s), concrete sewer and stormwater pipes.

All of our instruments are serviced and tested after each rental ensuring you receive an instrument in perfect condition.

  • Delivery available New Zealand wide.
  • Hire rates include technical support.

Call us on 0800 47 77 65 to discuss your equipment rental requirements or download and complete our rental booking form.

GPR Equipment Rental


GPR Solutions Limited offers GPR Equipment Rental

At GPR Solutions Limited, Ground Penetrating Radar is our only focus, including GPR Equipment Rental. If you have a construction project or need to dig for other reasons, checking the area with one of our Mala ground penetrating radar systems can locate subsurface services such as pipes, cables, and underground storage tanks.

Why Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment Rental is Cost Effective

Ground penetrating radar allows you to get a better understanding of the subsurface conditions in a non-destructive way. With that information, you can plan your construction or excavation better, so not to cause damage to subsurface services or cause damage to your equipment. Renting a GPR system may be more cost-effective when you only need to use them for short period of time.

  • When you are planning a project that requires excavation or cutting through concrete, the conditions can be a mystery. Even in areas where the subsurface services are well documented and mapped, there can be underground tanks or other obstacles that could cause damage to your equipment or even services mapped incorrectly. Renting our ground penetrating radar systems will let you know before you dig.
  • Ground penetrating radar does this without causing any destruction, removing the possibility of damaging subsurface services when probing the area in question.

What You Can Expect from GPR Solutions Limited Regarding Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment Rental

Ground penetrating radar is our sole focus, and we have over a decade of experience using these systems. When you come to us for equipment rental, you are not just getting a GPR system, but access to technical know-how through our technical support.

Why Customers Should Use GPS Solutions Limited

We are a New Zealand owned and operated company with over ten years of experience in the field using MALA GPR equipment. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and knowledge. We only use MALA GPR systems, one of the world’s leading GPR manufacturers.

  • Rentals are only one of the aspects we provide. We have over a decade of experience using ground penetration radar systems, so when you rent from us, you benefit from that experience in choosing the system that will work best for your situation.
  • Our experience comes into play when it comes to technical support as well. Our rental rates include technical support meaning that when you rent one of our systems, you’re not just renting the physical equipment, but professional assistance as well.
  • We deal in only MALA GPR systems. Not only is MALA a global leaders in GPR technology but by focusing on one manufacturer, it is easier for returning customers to switch to a different one of our GPR systems without having to relearn the interface and controls.

If you are interested in learning more information about our Ground Penetrating Radar services, including equipment rental, contact us today.



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