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GPR Solutions Limited is a New Zealand owned and operated company specializing in providing Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Sales & Support, Rentals, High-Level Consulting, Servicing and Training to industries and Sectors such as, but not limited to: construction, government, universities, mining and major infrastructure.

The companies Director established GPR Solutions Ltd in 2016 after spending an extensive period of time conducting structural, geophysical and asset detection projects throughout Australasia covering all aspects of GPR investigations.

GPR Solutions Ltd focuses directly on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) instrumentation & accessories for surveying structural, subsurface and geophysical elements. GPR Solutions Ltd also works in closely with MALA GPR Australia which allows the company to offer the most extensive and diverse range of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems and expertise not offered by other New Zealand establishments.

GPR Solutions Ltd prides itself on our professionalism, expertise and knowledge in the industry we cater to, the products and services we offer to our clients is at the forefront of the technologies capabilities and is actively monitored and researched in order to provide our clients the most comprehensive products, results and recommendations to their specific project requirements.

Based in Christchurch we operate nationwide and have the capability to provide Ground Penetrating Radar for, but not limited to:

Utility Locating | Exploration & Mining | Geotechnical Assessments | Environmental Surveys | Pavement Assessment | Concrete Slab & Structure Scanning | Forensic Investigations | Archaeological Surveys.

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Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment

How to Consider Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment Purchases

The march of technology continues to transform many industries, and the advent of more widely available ground-penetrating radar equipment is an important part of that trend. Enabling everyone from utility surveyors and builders to archaeologists to get an in-depth and detailed look at what’s hiding under the ground or within structures, GPR is a critical technology that can provide vital new functionalities for many businesses. At GPR Solutions Limited, we are proud to provide New Zealand with its sole source of experience and equipment in this area.

What You Should Know About Ground Penetrating Radar

If you aren’t entirely familiar with GPR, its benefits and features can be somewhat confusing at first. Here’s what to keep in mind as you explore your options:

  • GPR systems are versatile, with many possible uses and the potential to play multiple roles within your organisation. As a result, they represent a substantial investment that can pay dividends now and into the future. By adopting GPR, you can simplify a range of essential maintenance tasks or expand your team’s current capabilities.
  • Not every GPR setup will be able to perform every task, and some systems are better suited for specific applications over others. For example, it would be tough to cover large portions of a roadway with a push-operated GPR cart, and you may not have the resolution on such a device necessary to accomplish the task at hand. In that scenario, hardware such as the MALA RoadCart, purposefully designed and built for high-speed roadway scanning, would be the right choice. In other words, investigate the solution that suits your scenario most closely.

Tips Regarding Choosing a GPR System

What should you do when it comes to purchasing hardware? Try these tips:

  • Seek experienced input and advice. There are many facts to consider and having someone who fully understands the equipment on your side is an invaluable resource.
  • Select ground penetrating radar units that can perform the broadest range of roles within your organisation. Think of it as deriving the most value possible from your investment. Some MALA GPR units are especially adept at multi-role work and can be a very suitable solution.
  • Don’t forget to consider the need for training services. Your team will need to know how to operate their new equipment, after all.

Why Choose to Purchase from GPR Solutions Limited?

An established and experienced equipment supplier in Christchurch, GPR Solutions Limited is the only dedicated GPR provider  in New Zealand — and we take that responsibility seriously. Allow our team to connect with yours to assess its needs and to provide a top-tier level of service as you move towards acquisition. Don’t forget about our in-depth consulting services, too. To make initial arrangements, contact us today.



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GPR Solutions Ltd – specialising in world leading MALA Ground Penetrating Radar systems for:

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