GPR Training

GPR Solutions provides training for all instrumentation we sell including concrete inspection GPR, utility locating GPR and getotechnical GPR instrumentation.

Our training courses are designed to enable the user to get started with GPR in a rapidly growing industry. As with many other technologies, you’ll not be an expert after a one-day however with GPR Solutions support we will assist in building your confidence to gradually take on larger and more complex projects.

GPR Solutions also make ourselves available for any queries that may arise by our client’s onsite after the completion of training whilst undertaking any GPR application. The importance of understating the technology, data acquisition and interpretation is paramount and GPR Solutions will support our clients in all aspects of GPR applications.

Field Training

Standard training courses cover either half day or full day sessions including GPR theory, system specifications and field works. We can also provide customized training sessions that can be tailored to suit individuals experience, needs or specific applications. Standard training courses are as follows, either half day or full day sessions are available based on trainee numbers and experience.

Concrete Scanning Training:

Course Components:
  • Basic GPR theory
  • Introduction to the Ground Penetrating Radar Instrument
  • GPR operation and data acquisition
  • Marking interpreted data on a structure
  • Interpreting a 2D radargram

Utility Detection Training:

Course Components:
  • Basic GPR theory
  • Introduction to the Ground Penetrating Radar Instrument
  • GPR operation and data acquisition
  • Scanning using ‘Locate & Spray’ method
  • Interpreting a 2D radargram
Onsite Training

On some projects you might want to be assisted by GPR Solutions who can step in as your technical consultant on-site or for more complex data processing offsite. Contact us directly to discuss your project specifics.

Ground Penetrating Radar Training

GPR Solutions Limited Proudly Offers Ground Penetrating Radar Training

At GPR Solutions Limited, we focus exclusively on ground penetrating radar, and that includes offering ground penetrating radar training. Learn how to use our MALA GPR systems and to accurately interpret the findings by training with our experienced technicians. We offer both half-day and full-day training, including fieldwork.

Things You Can Learn from Ground Penetrating Radar Training with GPR Solutions Limited

Our training courses are designed to enable the user to get started in the rapidly growing industry of ground-penetrating radar. You will learn GPR theory, the usage of the specific MALA GPR System and fieldwork to give you experience working with them. We offer both concrete scanning training and utility detection training.

  • We offer GPR equipment rental and suggest that clients who need to rent one of our systems take the appropriate training course on that system. Training will better enable your use of the system with the know-how to interpret the findings. Even after training, we make ourselves available for any queries that might arise on site.
  • Our standard courses are concrete scanning and utility detection. Both include basic GPR theory as well as an introduction to the GPR instrument and its operation. We also instruct on interpreting the 2D radargrams. For our concrete scanning training, marking the interpreted data on the structure is covered. With utility detection training, we include scanning using the ‘locate & spray’ method.
  • Some projects are complex and might require more technical knowledge and, in those cases, we can assist on-site as your technical consultant, even performing data processing offsite. Do not be afraid to ask how else we can help you.

Benefits of GPR Services from GPR Solutions Limited

When you chose to come to us for your ground penetrating radar needs, including our scanning services, the most significant benefit is access to our extensive experience in using GPR equipment and interpreting the 2D radargrams. Beyond our experience, we exclusively use and rent MALA GPR systems, a world leader in the industry. Between our GPR rental, training, and consulting, we can handle all your GPR needs from the most straightforward project to the most complex.

  • We have over ten years of experience working with ground penetrating radar. Our experience has covered a gamut of GPR projects from government developments, major infrastructure projects through to scientific research.No matter your GPR needs, we can help.
  • The MALA GPR systems we focus on are among the best GPR devices available on the market and provide us with a worldwide support network.
  • When your project is more complex for our training, we offer technical consulting onsite, which can include our high-level GPR consultancy service, combining a team of Geophysicists and professional GPR systems that can handle the most difficult and challenging projects.

Why GPR Solutions Limited is Cost-Effective

You can do the math. What is going to be cheaper? Digging up a plot of land to find something hidden on it, or merely using a GPR system to pinpoint the exact place that object is in the area. There’s no excuse for professionals who work in a field where GPR can be applied not to use it. It makes perfect financial sense.

Why wait? Stop wasting time in the past and embrace the future; contact us at your convenience to learn more. We focus on GPR and will respond to your query promptly.



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