GPR Consulting & Special Projects

At GPR Solutions we realize that not every GPR investigation is straight forward and may require additional resources, equipment and knowledge to complete. Our experience in this field gives us the capability to provide advice on the level of inspection required, specify the most suitable system/s, oversea or step in as the head contractor for any GPR investigation required. Whether it be a concrete scanning project, utility detection project, geotechnical or other, we are the ‘Go To’ GPR company in New Zealand.

If you have a project that may fall into any of the above categories, please give us a call to discuss.

Concrete & Structural Inspections:

  • Identification & positioning or reinforcing
  • Concrete thickness
  • Void detection
  • Ground beam Identification
  • Post-Tension cable locating
  • Condition assessment
  • Determining concrete cover
  • Depth on new structures
  • As-built verification
  • Large scale structure mapping
  • QA of new asphalt thickness
  • Structure inspections

 Subsurface Detection:

  • Locations of voiding
  • Environmental remediation
  • Damage prevention
  • Forensic investigations
  • Cemetery Mapping
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Locating
  • Buried Manholes
  • Irrigation Mapping
  • PVC & concrete pipes
  • Buried foundations & structures

GPR Solutions have the capability to provide GPR systems not typically found in New Zealand along with complete support from MALÅ GPR Australia, this allows us to provide a full high-level GPR consultancy service combining a team of Geophysicists and specialty GPR systems to undertake some of the more difficult or challenging projects.

We can provide advice on the level of inspection or GPR equipment required in order to complete your project successfully.


Sourcing and Purchasing the Right GPR Equipment for Surveying

Surveying is one of the most important efforts in a range of industries because it is foundation for making more critical decisions later. Without proper surveying techniques, it can be challenging to build safely or to know when specific essential tasks of maintenance are necessary. With the advent of ground-penetrating radar in small, mobile packages, however, surveyors have an impressive array of new tools at their disposal. At GPR Solutions Limited, our goal is to make it simple for your organisation to acquire these mission-critical tools.

Key Questions to Ask GPR Solutions Limited about Geophysical Survey Equipment

The best place to start the purchasing process is with an in-depth information session. When contacting our team initially, consider bringing these questions to the table:

  • What hardware will work best for the use cases my organisation will encounter most frequently?
  • How deep can this equipment penetrate, and how will I be able to interpret the results?
  • How do we put this equipment to use in a way that consistently generates value for our company?

How Much Do You Know About Structural Surveys?

As a seasoned professional in your industry, you may think you know everything there is to knowing surveying. Ground penetrating radar survey equipment may challenge that. Consider:

  • GPR can make the identification of voids, critical structures, utility lines, far easier and less destructive than older survey methods. When you can beam invisible electromagnetic waves into the walls or the ground and get back an accurate picture of what you can’t see, you can rapidly make plans in response to what you find. A GPR utility survey, for example, can proceed much faster than consulting maps and digging slowly.
  • How much time could you save on every job by redefining the methodologies you use? Adopting GPR can make older and more time-consuming processes obsolete while improving the resolution of the structure you need to examine. Faster, more dependable results equal clients that are happier with your performance — and perhaps even the opportunity to accomplish more each day.
  • Surveying, as you know, seeks to establish a wide range of facts about a structure, but how can you look for what you aren’t expecting? Sometimes, traditional methods can allow essential details to slip through the cracks by mistake. Adopting GPR solutions will enable you to identify concerns that your older methodologies may have otherwise missed.

Why You Shouldn’t Pass By GPR Solutions Limited

With specialised equipment such as ground-penetrating radar, a dependable source of trustworthy information is vital for making a smart decision about how to equip your business. At GPR Solutions Limited, we are happy to provide our experience and consulting services to make your task easier. Don’t try to make your way through the buying process in the dark. Instead, embrace the opportunity to develop the ideal solutions for your survey crews alongside an established GPR equipment supplier such as our team. To request a consultation or more information about a particular product, use our contact page now.



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