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GPR for Utility Detection

Prior to the use of GPR, utilities constructed of plastic, terracotta, concrete, non-toneable fiber, asphalt composite and other materials were generally considered non-locatable.
This stemmed from the fact that the generally accepted method of non-intrusive detection incorporated the use of electromagnetic devices which cannot locate non-metallic / non-conductive underground objects.
As a result GPR became main-stream for utility detection and mapping when MALÅ Geoscience introduced the MALÅ Easy Locator in the early 2000’s. The Easy Locator revolutionized the use of radar, introducing GPR at a price point half that of other systems available at the time. The user-interface broke every barrier in terms of ease of use in the field and became the GPR standard and selected tool by locating professionals.
The MALÅ Easy Locator HDR (High Dynamic Range) and MALÅ PRO (Professional) HDR provide unparalleled clarity and functionality when collecting data in the field. Ease of use with both of these systems allows for rapid data acquisition in the field and offsite data analysis, where required. 

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Applications include:

locations of Voiding | Environmental remediation | Utility positioning & mapping | Utility detection | Damage prevention | Cemetery Mapping | Underground Storage Tank (UST) Locating | Buried Manholes | Irrigation Mapping

MALA Easy Locator HDR

MALA Easy Locator PRO HDR

Taking locating to the next level, MALÅ Geoscience is pleased to introduce the Ground Explorer System as the standard alternative to the Easy Locator HDR for mapping and gridding. It’s the most popular system on the market today for use by Subsurface Utility Engineering firms for extensive mapping of industrial and commercial areas. With its rough, flexible and modular design, the system offers an easy to use and cost effective solution for locating and mapping professionals worldwide.

For more advanced and larger scale projects MALÅ Geoscience rely on the high-end MALÅ Professional Explorer (ProEx™) and MALÅ MIRA 3D Radar System to offer a wide variety of solutions for the civil & structural engineering professionals. With the systems comprehensive hardware and user-friendly software our customers will save both actual operation time and man-time which makes the MALÅ GPR solution the reliable and cost-effective alternative.

Underground Cable Locating

Rent Underground GPR Cable Locating Equipment from GPR Solutions Ltd

Are you planning a project that involves a need for underground cable locating equipment? From construction to concreting to mining and beyond, many industries demand detailed knowledge of underground cable installations before digging or excavation can be deemed safe. At GPR Solutions Ltd, we help by providing rental equipment, training, consultancy and other useful services related to GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) technology.

How Much Do You Really Know about Underground Cable Locator Technology?

At GPR Solutions, we focus our services specifically around GPR technology. However, while our company focus is very specific and niche, the fact is that this technology is extremely versatile in the applications and industries it can serve. Here are a few things you might not know about the underground cable locator technology that GPR drives:

  • Factors influencing GPR depth: GPR works by transmitting an electromagnetic signal into the ground via a transmitter and receiver within the antenna. These signals reflect off buried objects, allowing GPR equipment to create a map of subsurface structures or obstructions. The conductivity of the ground or soil can affect how deep these signals reach, as can the type of GPR antenna being used. Highly conductive materials—such as wet, clay-heavy soils—can absorb the electromagnetic waves, significantly limiting how far down the GPR can reach. Lower conductivity materials—such as sand—pose less of an obstacle, allowing antenna’s to achieve depths up to 25 metres. The type of signal matters, too. Lower frequency GPR signals typically reach deeper but provide a lower resolution image. Higher frequency GPR deliver higher resolution but usually won’t penetrate as deep.
  • Different GPR systems are intended for different applications: While all GPR equipment utilises the same underlying technology, each device is meant for a specific set of functions. For instance, our GPR systems for rent include equipment intended for concrete scanning, and equipment meant more for locating cables, pipes, sewer pipes and other underground utilities.
  • Many industries utilise GPR technology regularly: If you are looking for a cable locator in NZ, you aren’t alone. Many companies across various sectors call upon our business regularly for the technology, consultancy, training and overall assistance that we can provide. In addition to locating cables and other underground utilities, or identifying safe paths for concrete cutting or coring, this technology can also discover sinkholes, identify archaeological sites, pinpoint unmarked gravesites and more. Our clients span companies in the utility, mining, exploration, environmental, pavement and concrete, construction, forensics, archaeological and governmental sectors.

Why Customers Should Use GPR Solutions

When it comes to providing a GPR cable locator in NZ, you can count on GPR Solutions. In addition to providing rental equipment and training in how to use that rental equipment, we can also help you strategise and plan so that you are getting the most out of our technology. For instance, if you’re not sure what type of GPR equipment would be best for your situation we can recommend the ideal system. To learn more about our underground cable locator services and systems, contact us today.

GPR Utility Locating


Rent or Own GPR Utility Locating Equipment for Your Next Job

Surveying land is made simpler with GPR utility locating systems that provide a frequency-based map of what’s hiding below the surface. You can find rentals, get training and buy your own at GPR Solutions Limited. We provide MALA GPR systems for easy utility and stability checking, so you know what’s waiting for you before you start your project.

The Importance of GPR for Underground Utilities

Construction can be dangerous, which is why you need GPR for a head start on understanding the ground where you’ll be working.

  • Knowing the Land: Before you start construction or renovations, you need to know what your land contains. GPR will help identify a wide range of materials that lie beneath the surface, including utility lines. The technology can also be used to detect voids that could cause issues.
  • Non-Destructive: Keeping your land intact is likely a priority and you don’t want to dig it all up to find out what is beneath. The electromagnetic function of GPR makes it possible to see what is below the surface in a non-intrusive way. This method makes it ideal for city use as well so that residents are safe and relatively undisturbed while you survey.
  • Quick and Easy: GPR utility mapping provides a reliable and rapid data collection of underground information. With mobile units, it is easy to survey a large amount of land in a small amount of time so that you can move forward with construction.

    Why Choose GPR Solutions Limited

    Our nationwide GPR rentals help service all of New Zealand with reliable equipment and training. We provide assistance for all your GPR related needs, including consultations and training, to ensure confidence in your survey. Check out our available rentals today for your next project.



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