The new industry standard for utility locating

Intuitive for beginners – Complete for experts.

The first Easy Locator series became the industry standard two decades ago. The Easy Locator Core is now the new standard for utility locating professionals.

Easy Locator Core is the result of Guideline Geo’s commitment to deliver customer-oriented solutions. The Easy Locator Core is a state-of-the-art Swedish quality product built on the latest research and innovation.

  • Optimized for locating and mapping utilities
  • Swedish quality, unparalleled performance and a variety of revolutionary new features
  • Lighter and easier to use than anything else
  • Rugged and capable of traversing the toughest terrain
  • Unsurpassed resolution, bandwidth, and data clarity
  • Real-time interpretation from MALÅ AI while collecting data
  • Access and share your data anywhere on any device
  • Cloud-connected to MALÅ Vision for instant processing in the field
  • Constantly updated with new unique features and improvements
  • Built with the pride and the passion of a company with a century as leaders in geophysics
  • All with the fastest workflow on the market


Real time MALÅ AI interpretation support

Real-time MALÅ AI interpretation support is a revolution in the GPR world. MALÅ Easy Locator Core is the first product world-wide using intelligent real-time interpretation support for utility locating. All markers set by MALÅ AI can be converted to standard markers with localized utility color codes directly in the field. This provide an invaluable interpretation support for inexperienced users, but also speeds up the interpretation process for more experienced users, thus saving valuable time. When point objects have been identified and marked with the real-time MALÅ AI interpretation support tool the markers can be converted into regular object markers and exported to MALÅ Vision for further processing.

Optimized for locating and mapping utilities

Lighter and easier to use than anything else

The Locating industry demands high quality, ruggedized and precise GPR equipment. Field equipment needs to be easy to transport, quick to setup and use and with right functionality to efficiently getting the job done.

The MALÅ Easy Locator Core is the new market leader in GPR utility locating and mapping. Its functional design and ease of use are desired by utility locators world-wide.

It’s lighter and easier to use than anything else but also extremely rugged and capable of traversing the toughest terrain when combined with the recommended RTC Mini option.

Map/Data View-MALA EL Core

MALÅ Controller App

Acquisition software for the Easy Locator Core

MALÅ Controller App is an easy-to-use acquisition software optimized for Utility Locating with the Easy Locator Core. It also support other App-Enabled products from MALÅ. It helps you to go as fast as possible from data collection to delivering results. The intuitive user interface lets you view and interpret while data is being collected. All with real-time interpretation support from MALÅ AI. Set gain and contrast, remove background noise and set object and surface markers. The touch-based interface speeds up your survey, letting you deliver results quicker.

MALÅ Vision

Processing software for the Easy Locator Core

MALÅ Vision is easy-to-use GPR processing software for handling of GPR data, developed for usage on any device for all types of GPR users. MALÅ Vision includes MALÅ AI for automated interpretation support and other powerful features such as automated polylines. The built in MALÅ AI of the MALÅ Vision cloud-based post processing software will provide further support by analyzing the markers and pointing to the location of possible pipes and cables in your data set. Document all buried assets. View your results on Google maps or OpenLayers, use satellite images or Street view (first person view) of your site. Export your results as printed maps, dxf or kmz for easy sharing.

Rough Terrain Cart

Traverse any terrain

  • The Easy Locator Core works on any surface and in any terrain
  • In its basic configuration it is ideal for confined spaces and flat surfaces
  • Together with MALÅ RTC Mini it is the market leading cart solution for rough terrain surveying.

Transport Case

Ship your MALÅ Easy locator Core more securely with the new rugged transport case. The entire system folds neatly into the case which also has space for items such as tablet, batteries, charger and GNSS accessories.