Military & Police

There are currently 86 national forces having MALÅ equipment in use at a regular basis.

The GPR technology has proven to be a valuable method for various applications for military and police departments all over the world. MALÅ GPR solutions reduce time for searching a site and its non-evasive qualities prevents unnecessary excavation. GPR technology is often used in combination with other methods but MALÅ GPR solutions provide capabilities that other methods can’t.

MALÅ GPR Systems are frequently used by military and police when securing areas from unwanted objects, structures or materials. Regardless if the task is to investigate crime scenes, searching for buried ammunition, finding secret rooms in cellars or tunnels, the MALÅ GPR offers a robust, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Field Training
Applications include:

Locating & mapping metallic and non-metallic mines and un-exploded bombs | Locating hidden / secret rooms, cellars, stashes and internal boxes | Locating underground warehouses, bomb shelters | Wall investigations, locating hidden transmitters, receivers, microphones and internal boxes | Forensic investigations.



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