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Multi-disciplinary MALÅ GPR Solutions are widely appreciated by the research and educational community. Many Universities and research organizations have come to use MALÅ GPR Systems as a tool in their everyday work to analyze and create an understanding for various problems in various fields.

GPR is regarded as a widely versatile technology and can successfully be applied to a very wide area of interest. One area in which GPR is a frequently used method is for measuring the thickness of snow and ice and to study the structure of glaciers. Mapping ice contacts, depth to the basal till layer, hidden crevasses, and other information may be obtained from GPR data.

Glaciologists and researchers in the Polar Regions use the unshielded low frequency MALÅ RTA antennas, ranging from 30 to 100 MHz, for deep studies up to several hundred meters. MALÅ ProEx solutions have been widely appreciated for the ability to customize the length of the time window, maximizing the depth range of investigation.

Applications include:

GPR Signal Characteristics | Near Surface Geophysics | Hydrogeophysics | Geology | Environmental | Engineering | Archeology



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