2D GPR Profile

Concrete Slab & Structure Scanning

The MALÅ CX ground penetrating radar (GPR) concrete scanning system is designed for the non-destructive investigation and imaging of concrete and other man-made structures.

Construction professionals involved in the cutting, coring or drilling of concrete structure require a safe and reliable means of inspecting work areas to locate and identify hidden features that could cause damage to machinery, or pose a danger to the operator or the structure itself during these activities.

Applications include:

Identification & positioning or reinforcing | Concrete thickness | Void detection | Ground beam Identification | Post-Tension cable locating | Condition assessment | Determining concrete cover | Depth on new structures | Measurement of existing asphalt thickness | QA of new asphalt thickness | Structure inspection | Void detection and location.

Position core hole locations at a specified diameter away from any obstructions

MALA CX12 GPR Concrete Scanner

The MALÅ CX ground penetrating radar (GPR) system allows users to scan concrete structure simply and safely and present GPR data clearly for real-time and in-the-box data acquisition, display and analysis. In most cases, scanning is performed in straight lines and in perpendicular directions and the data displays reflections which reveal the features within a concrete structure.

Field Training

Create a 3D picture of the subsurface

In an area where quite detailed concrete investigation is required, the MALÅ CX ground penetrating radar (GPR) system has the ability to create a 3D picture of the subsurface. Users collect a number of perpendicular profiles following the MALA grid map and the intuitive steps in the software.

Processing of this collected data is performed in real-time, in the-the-box, and presents a ’top-down’ and cross sectional view of the area under investigation. There are a number of features within this processed 3D ground penetrating radar (GPR) data which allows users to look down \’though\’ the slab and to identify features at different depths and running in different directions.

A very useful aspect of the 3D projects is the ability to select a ’virtual core hole’ and find a clear space within the investigated area, that can be marked on the ground surface and approved for penetrations.

Concrete Scanning Equipment

Planning for Scanning Concrete Structures

Concrete scanning is an important part of concrete cutting, coring, As-built verification of structures or otherwise working with existing concrete builds. It provides an easy-to-manage means of scanning concrete to locate steel reinforcement, post-tension cables, locations of footings/ground beams and embedded conduits and services. Using this kind of subsurface locating technology provides a non-destructive means of learning more about a concrete floor, wall, beam or other structure.

Why Trust GPR Solutions Ltd Regarding Concrete Scanning Equipment?

At GPR Solutions Ltd, we are proud to offer a variety of services and equipment related to concrete scanning equipment. Whether you are looking to rent equipment for subsurface locating, hire a professional and experienced surveyor to carry out an inspection for you or bring in a consultant who can recommend strategies for your project, we can help. Here are a few reasons to trust us for this type of work:

  • We are the only specialist GPR supplier in New Zealand: GPR Solutions is unique in New Zealand, in that we are the only company in the nation that solely focuses on ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology. If you are looking for this type of equipment in NZ, we are the business to provide it.
  • We offer substantial flexibility of service: How do you want to handle your subsurface locating project? Do you want to rent out the necessary equipment and do the work yourself? Do you want us to train you on how to use concrete scanning equipment? Do you want us to handle the inspection for you and complete the data processing and reporting? We are happy to help you in any way you prefer.
  • We are trusted across a broad range of industries: Our equipment is regularly used by major construction and infrastructure companies, government departments, mining operations, law enforcement agencies and more. Our reputation in this area is well-established and should speak for itself.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Concrete Scanning Equipment

As you search for the best concrete scanning equipment for your project, keep these tips in mind to ensure the best results:

  • Count on a company that focuses only on GPR: A lot of businesses operate as broad ‘equipment for hire’ operations, offering devices and systems spanning a wide range of types and industries. When choosing equipment for GPR scanning, pick a company that focuses solely on GPR—such as GPR Solutions. You want someone who knows their stuff in this category and can bring you the best equipment, training, advice and service.
  • Browse our systems: Take a look at our arsenal of different GPR scanning equipment to get a better sense of what we have to offer. As you will see, we have one specific system—the MALA CX12 Concrete Scanning GPR System—intended for concrete surveys. If you need GPR equipment for other applications too, though, you’ll want to look at the rest of our fleet.
  • Ask for advice if you have any questions: We are always happy to help, whether you need assistance finding the right equipment or want to hire us for a concrete scanning inspection. Feel free to get in touch at any time.

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